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wheight falling due to severe depression - You Are A Goddess [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Spiritual Side of ED Recovery

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wheight falling due to severe depression [May. 8th, 2010|11:18 am]
The Spiritual Side of ED Recovery


[mood |draineddrained]

i dont want to eat,i am almost in the 90's and i have no appatite due to depression,i just dont want food and i know its unhalthy but then there's the voice-you wheigh 102 at 5ft5 and are fat fat fat!get down to 95!im part concerned,drinking my ensue and trying a little because i know im thin but then the flipside,never thin enough!well,i wan to be thin enough!I want to like myself at 102 or even at 110!(my natural wheight)I doubt i could ever b comfortable at 125,which is what the doctor says i should be bu ive never been over 120 and that was horrible!

anyway,enough of this,i was help but am afraid to get it,afriad of telling my phychitrist ive been anorexic since age 8 and now im 29.i have osteoporosis and my teeth are falling out,starvation isnt pretty

i prayd so hard at church today,SO DAM HARD that god would grant me strength to beat all this but my major depression has been the worst of it all lately!I am trying to turn to my spirituality and look wihin for answers but i am spiritualy bankrupt.I need a shoulder to cry on so i can stop feeling sorry for myself,this is just so hard and i need this group right now even though i havnt posted in so dam long,i need you all.i ned help,support,the whole 9 yards!any words of comfort will do,any advice..please,i am desperate!

god bless you all